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coverThe Natural Wealth of Nations, by David Malin Roodman. Published 1998. A grand and well-written summation of the case for environmental tax shifting. Click here for a full review. ordering info
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Field of Schemes, by Joanna Cagan and Neil deMause. photo Voted The Best Economic Justice Book of 1998!! A very hard-hitting chronicle of insidious corporate welfare, focusing on how private sports stadiums are constructed at public expense, funded by taxpayers at the same time that schools and other public priorities go begging. Click here for a full review. ordering info and a 30% discount!
photo Taxing Women, by Edward McCaffery. Published 1997, and already a classic. Finally, someone has compiled and analyzed the various ways that taxes bear disproportionately on women. Surprises await you. McCaffery considers only the federal income tax in the United States, but still finds plenty of shocking material. The author urges us all to become more involved in the political process of making tax laws. ordering info
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Going Local, by Michael Schuman. This 1998 book covers all the latest thinking and experimentation on local communities' attempts to solve economic and social problems. Schuman is razor-sharp. Ordering information.
And Economic Justice for All, by Michael L. Murray. Published 1997. An honest, thorough yet easy to read exploration of the idea of a universal "guaranteed adequate income" to replace government-run assistance programs. This author is impossible to categorize! Click here for a full review. ordering info
The Corruption of Economics, by Mason Gaffney. Published in 1994. Ever wonder why "neoclassical" economics is dull and fails to solve serious problems such as unemployment and recession? Read the true story of how economics was castrated. This book can be dynamite -- I lent a copy to an activist who found it so compelling, he refused to let me have it back! ordering info Economic Justice in American Society, by Robert Kuenne. This 1993 book brims over with important philosophy and empirical research. The Banneker Center disagrees with much of it, and we are about to launch a web page discussing Kuenne's views in depth. But this book leads you down a path few have dared to take, asking sincere questions about justice rather than placating the powerful. The author tells me his book did not make a big splash in the academic world, and that makes us think it has a lot of value! Controversial! ordering info
When Corporations Rule the World, by David C. Korten. In this 1995 book, a former "international development" bureaucrat shows how our current global economy amounts to little more than the privileged plundering the unprivileged. Korten indicates that neither our civilization nor our natural environment can withstand this for long. Which future will we promote, one of terror and discord, or one of economic justice? ordering info Progress & Poverty, by Henry George. photo Of all books during the 1800s, which was most widely read? The Bible, naturally. And which was the second most widely read? This one. If you ever want to understand how an economy really works, you need this book. No mathematics skill required. ordering info
America's Boldest Radicals Speak to You!
Social Problems, by Henry George. photo Published originally in 1883, this collection of chapter-length essays is stunningly modern and relevant. ordering info Reveille for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. This classic inspired a generation. It will inspire you too. Get your fingernails dirty. ordering info
Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. photo You'll never say "we can't win, the forces of privilege are too strong" after you've read this book. Because Alinsky shows, again and again, how a few people and a little gutsy ingenuity can defeat the privileged fatcats. Great empowerment book. ordering info Protection or Free Trade, by Henry George. photo This book has been the definitive work on protection vs. free trade ever since its publication in 1886. Let its truth speak to you. Remember the big arguments and debates over NAFTA and GATT and the World Trade Organization during he last few years? This book will show you the vital points that BOTH SIDES utterly missed. ordering info
More Favorites
Critics of Henry George. photo Robert Andelson, Editor. If you haven't made up your mind about the views of Henry George, this collection of attacks and refutations is essential. The sparks fly in every chapter of this anthology! ordering info Let Them Call Me Rebel, by Sanford Horwitt. This is the definitive biography of Saul Alinsky and there's never a dull moment in his life! ordering info


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